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Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. – 1998

Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. Clinical Psychology (APA accredited)

Dissertation Title: “Not enough time to exercise?: A study of the relationship between time spent engaged in daily activities and exercise”

M.S. – 1992

Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. Clinical Psychology (APA accredited)

Thesis Title: “Scheduling Tasks Over Time: An Empirical Investigation into Procrastination”

B.A. – 1989

San Diego State University, San Diego, California. Psychology

Clinical Experience

Therapist – April 1999 – Present

Private Practice

  • Provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Therapist – October 1995 – December 1999

Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County

  • Conducted psychological assessments to determine appropriateness for treatment at agency and to facilitate treatment planning.
  • Provided individual, couples, and group treatment for adults and adolescents with a history of sexual abuse and/or assault.
  • Participated in training of volunteer advocates and board members.

Internship – 1994 – 1995

Seattle Veterans Administration Medical Center (APA accredited)

Outpatient PTSD Clinic – Mental health clinic focusing on trauma
  • Participated as co-therapist in both women’s and men’s PTSD groups.
  • Provided individual and couples therapy for adults with PTSD.
  • Personality and PTSD assessment
Inpatient Substance Abuse – Interdisciplinary treatment team
  • Provided group therapy, treatment planning, case coordination, and brief cognitive and personality screening primarily with adult males.
Inpatient Spinal Cord Injury – Multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Provided individual psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessment for adult males with spinal cord injury.
  • Provided consultation and in-service training for treatment team members.
Chronic Pain Clinic – Co-disciplinary team (anesthesiology & psychology)
  • Participated in team interventions with chronic pain patients and their families.
  • Provided individual and couples therapy. Assessment of chronic pain syndrome.

1990 – 1994

Psychological Services Center, Auburn University, Alabama

Community outpatient facility for all ages of clients
  • Individual and couples therapy for adults.
  • Intakes with adults, children, couples and families.
  • Personality and cognitive assessment of adults and adolescents.


East Alabama Medical Center – Psychiatric Unit

Short-term inpatient facility providing medication to stabilize symptoms and referral to either long-term inpatient care or outpatient treatment
  • Attended patient rounds and consulted with psychiatrist.
  • Conducted brief interviews and counseling with patients to assess treatment needs and evaluate medication effects.


Tuskegee Veterans Administration Medical Center

Psychology Technician at Outpatient Day Treatment Program – primarily for veterans with chronic psychiatric complaints
  • Individual and group therapy for both male and female veterans.
  • Assessment of personality and cognitive functioning.
  • Consultant to multidisciplinary team.
  • Team treatment planning.

Teaching Experience

June 1991 – August 1991

Teaching Assistant for Human Sexual Behavior Course, Auburn University

  • Prepared and conducted class topics for discussion sections.
  • Constructed and graded all tests.

January 1991 – March 1991

Supervisor and instructor of all Introductory Psychology courses, Auburn University

  • Prepared and presented lectures and class activities to two sections of approximately 400 students each.
  • Supervised all instructors of small sections of course.
  • Constructed objective tests and course syllabus for all sections of introductory psychology.
  • Met with students individually to assist them with understanding course materials.
  • Conducted question and answer sections that were open to all students enrolled in introductory psychology courses.

September 1989 – September 1990

Instructor for Introductory Psychology Course, Auburn University

  • Prepared and presented lectures and class activities to two sections of approximately 40 students each for four academic quarters.
  • Constructed, administered, and graded all tests.

Research Experience

March 1999 – June 2000

Research Site Coordinator, Treatment Research Institute

  • Conducted detailed clinical interviews with individuals with histories of substance abuse and felony arrests.
  • Responsible for supervision of nine staff interviewers.
  • Performed all data tracking for the site.
  • Worked with jail administrators and managers of the Breaking the Cycle program to remedy problems related to data collection.
  • Performed accounting tasks for tracking funds used for site.
  • Responsible for all operations of the site.

1992 – 1994

Graduate Research Assistant, Auburn University, Alcohol Studies Research Program

  • Conducted detailed clinical interviews with individuals with histories of alcohol abuse and collateral participants.
  • Responsible for initial contact and recruitment of collateral participants.
  • Data coding, entry, and graphing.
  • Computer system consultant.

September 1991 – August 1992

Graduate Research Assistant, Anxiety Disorder Research, Auburn University

  • Developed scenario scripts for use in anxiety disorder research.
  • Wrote proposals for human subjects committee submission.
  • Recorded and tracked research team meeting proceedings and progress.

October 1988 – July 1989

Research Assistant, Chemical Senses, San Diego State University Foundation

  • Conducted olfactory adaptation experiments with both young and elderly subjects.
  • Conducted olfactory and gustatory threshold experiments with Alzheimer’s patients and controls.
  • Prepared solutions and set up and operated olfactometer.
  • Analyzed data and taught others how to set up data files and run Macintosh computer programs.

August 1988 – April 1989

Research Assistant, San Diego State University

  • Conducted extensive literature research on giftedness of children.
  • Collected data gifted children’s program files.
  • Conducted literature search on Raven’s Progressive Matrices.

September 1984 – December 1984

Research Assistant, San Diego State University

  • Conducted experiments on olfactory memory and cognition.
  • Prepared stimuli and scheduled subjects.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association
  • Washington State Psychological Association