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Individual Therapy

As your therapist it is my job to try to listen to you carefully and for us to decide together how best to help you. We will work together to clarify your goals and discuss available methods and treatments. Therapy works best when people feel heard and understood. This is the foundation for our work together as most people need to feel supported and encouraged to grow, change, accept, and/or heal. I will inform you about what types of treatments are effective for what is bothering you. I typically borrow from a number of approaches and styles in working with individuals: humanist theory, cognitive/behavioral therapy, learning theory, trauma theory, and neurobiology to name a few. The fit between the therapist and the client is very important, so if for some reason, my style is not the best fit for you, I am happy to work with you to assist you in finding another provider who might be a better match for your needs. The most important thing is that you find the right person to help guide you.