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About Psychotherapy

People choose psychotherapy or counseling for a wide variety of reasons. Some people want help in meeting the challenges that come with life or just reaching their full potential in relationships, career, or life transitions. Others may face additional emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, grief, or anger. Still others may have experienced a traumatic event that disrupts their usual daily functioning. Psychotherapy can help you address all of these types of issues.

Individual Therapy

As your therapist it is my job to try to listen to you carefully and for us to decide together how best to help you. We will work together to clarify your goals and discuss available methods and treatments. Therapy works best when people feel heard and understood.

Couples Therapy

Assisting couples in strengthening or saving their most intimate relationship is an honor. Couples therapy can be challenging for the couple, but can be a terrific investment in future satisfaction. I will work with both of you to help you identify ways you can change to become a more effective partner.

Group Therapy

There is a very special type of growth experience and potential for healing that is unique to group therapy. The interaction among the members has the potential to produce a wealth of shared perspectives, mutual support and validation, as well as a place to practice relationships or relationship skills. My job as a group therapist is to support the members in their interactions, guide in creating and maintaining an emotionally safe space, and add direction or information from time to time. It is the group members’ job to try to share their thoughts and feelings from a self-perspective while taking in and considering other member’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings.